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We focus on creating elegant, sensible solutions that allow our clients to do more with every dime they spend on legacy modernization, business intelligence, database, web, and mobile development.

An Ironclad Continuous Performance Solution in Cloud

We monitor your site(s) and adjust infrastructures for optimal performance to meet demands as your business scales.

Phooni Autoscaling


We scale your site across multiple available servers to handle expected and unexpected surge in traffic. After the traffic spike, our custom solution stops unused servers, so you don't incur additional costs.

Phooni High Performance

High Performance

We scale your site across multiple high-availability clusters capable of handling anticipated and surprising surge in traffic. Our solution stops unused servers after a decrease in traffic, so you don't incur extra hosting costs.

Phooni Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security

We take the security of your business to heart by using enterprise-grade DDoS Shield, Firewalls, and malware protection. Our team of experts work tirelessly and block bad networks trying to access your sites.

Phooni Instant Update

Instant Update

We automatically update your site with new core and plugin releases in the staging environment before deploying them to production after extensive testing, this helps keep your business safe and in-sync with software patches.

Phooni Daily Backups

Daily Backups

We create an automatic backup of your site every twelve hours totaling two backups per day, stored in multiple geographic locations, which makes restoring your site effortless for you and our engineers.

Phooni Support

Impeccable Support

You're not alone in the trenches trying to troubleshoot a problem; we are there with you every step of the way from onboarding to deployment and operations. We ensure round-the-clock availability of our well-versed Support Engineers for your business.


Non-profits, public and private organizations around the world trust and work with us.

Phooni Client

Phooni engineering team assisted us to deploy a fault-tolerant and scalable WordPress environment running on Amazon RDS Multi-Availability Zone (AZ). Not experiencing any downtime while answering technical questions makes them reliable.

Motohano Kano,

CEO, Qubena.

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We offer a customized suite of support services designed to help you launch your project quickly. Operating high-traffic media WordPress sites? OCTOPODAMI® can help you scale your media brand when you experience a sudden surge in traffic. Subscribe to Phooni Certified Stacks or reach out if you have a question about your project. Our team can provide feedback and advice on how to get started with our stacks — contact us.