About Us

We harness creativity and technology to deliver strategies that accelerate business growth.

We enjoy what we do

We're an advertising, design, and software consulting firm. Our job is to help our clients drive business results through innovation. Our ethos is encapsulated in our internal motto: no excuses, get shit done. It's what our clients expect of us, and what we expect of our colleagues. Also, it represents what we believe good design and software should do.


As a company, we are optimized for fully immersing a 2-4 person team in a project for 4-6 months; this means most of our projects have sizeable budgets.

We start new engagements by getting all the stakeholders in one room at the time for a 2-5 days full-immersion kickoff. During this kickoff workshop (on-site or remote) we use our own version of Google Ventures Product sprint to ensure we're all clear what we're building, and why.

We are particular about the projects we take on because we want our client engagements where we legitimately add high-leverage value. We have hardcore expertise in Python, Django, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, PHP, JavaScript frameworks, and native iOS and Android, so that's where we can deliver world-class work. If a client, for example, insists they need .net, we refer them elsewhere. Adhering to our core expertise allows us to execute quickly, be productive, and add value.

We Believe

We have high standards for our work and team. Getting a job at Phooni is hard! But if we hire you, we are all-in on making you a success. We place a high value on keeping our internal communication fluid, honest, supportive, and detailed. We primarily use Slack for internal communication because it is fast and collaborative.

Additionally, we place a high value on our communication with clients. We want every client to feel that the contact they have with Phooni is the most professional and productive communication they've ever received. We are headquartered in Atlanta with a diverse team in San Francisco, Singapore, and Europe. We make sure to use the time zone and cultural differences to our advantage, and never let them be a hindrance.

Our Tagline

Doing things that matter because that's what we enjoy doing. Anybody can build frivolous apps or web application - what gets us up every morning is building software that solves real-world problems. We believe in doing things right and treating people well. If we can hit the bullseye with that, everything else will follow.

Our Focus

  1. Product Design & BuildWe architect, design, and build digital products that sit at the junction of business value and user need.
  2. TechnologyWe create all of your products and services with the progressive technology strategy, design, and engineering that scales for the future.
  3. Product Marketing & ExperienceWe align products with your audience to drive adoption and use across ecosystems. Likewise, we spot innovation opportunities and design experiences across systems of digital and physical interactions.