WordPress Engineered by OCTOPODAMI®

Let's scale your business in the cloud with our custom built stack that's engineered to perform.

Why this stack?

It is an EBS-backed solution for Amazon EC2 built for performance and scalability. Our expert engineers developed this 1-click AMI with rapid deployment in mind; we guarantee you will be up and running in 60 seconds on Amazon Web Services.

Features and Benefits

We monitor your site(s) and adjust infrastructures for optimal performance to meet demands as your business scales.

Phooni Autoscaling


We scale your site across multiple available servers to handle expected and unexpected surge in traffic. After the traffic spike, our custom solution stops unused servers, so you don't incur additional costs.

Phooni High Performance

High Performance

We scale your site across multiple high-availability clusters capable of handling anticipated and surprising surge in traffic. Our solution stops unused servers after a decrease in traffic, so you don't incur extra hosting costs.

Phooni Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security

We take the security of your business to heart by using enterprise-grade DDoS Shield, Firewalls, and malware protection. Our team of experts work tirelessly and block bad networks trying to access your sites.

Deploy Now

WordPress is the world's most popular Content Management System (CMS); it powers over 30 percent of all the websites on the internet. With OCTOPODAMI®, you can launch your enterprise projects and low-cost personal blogs without worrying about scaling and security. Launch today with us on the world's leading cloud platform.